Dirección: Mario Verastegui Producción: La Tuna Films Producción Ejecutiva: Alejandro Zea / Adan Pérez Management y Booking: info@latunarecords.com (P) y (C) La Tuna Entertainment Group S.A. de C.V. Distribuido por Warner Music México

Memory, Memoria, Mémoire.

Memory, Memoria, Mémoire. Random Experiment. Canon 60D + 50 f1.8 II Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Colorista II Song by Todd Gautreau, ASCAP Title: Six Frames Missing 60 from freeplaymusic.com audio from freesound.org

The Fair

Images from a local fair held in Monterrey, Mexico. Music by Thomas Newman - Road to Perdition. Lens: 50mm 1.8 Shot on a Canon 60D

Persistence of Time

Canon 60d Lens 50 1.8 II Magic bullet Colorista II + Denoiser Kessler Crane's "Philip Bloom" signature Pocket Dolly Final Cut Pro  


Quick test with the Philip Bloom signature pocket dolly.

Lyoness – Let’s do this now

Shot this video with music band and friends Lyoness. Shot on Canon 60d. 50mm 1.8 Hangrip Nighthawk (stable shots, special thanks for them and Sebastian Wiegaertner for his competition few months ago) Handheld (unstable shots) Edited on Final cut pro...